we're just strangers with the same damn hunger.

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 we're just strangers with the same damn hunger.

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Finley Durham


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MessageSujet: we're just strangers with the same damn hunger.   Lun 25 Sep 2017 - 20:29

finley // billie.

The feeling Finley knew the most was hunger. First, like everyone else, he had been hungry for food. Each day in the foster system was a battle for survival, and he had learned the hard way that only the strong ones could hope to make it out in good shape – let alone make it out alive. Hunger had made him strong. Hunger had made him sharp. It lingered in his body long after he had even eaten. Hunger never stayed away ; it kept him awake at night and made his belly growl and beg and he listened quietly as he never gave in. He mastered hunger and in so, it became his strength. But then, he discovered that the feeling could take many forms, many shapes – as many shapes as he could imagine, the shapes of girls, the shapes of boys, men, women, anyone, really. The feeling grew in his lower belly ; where it had been once a cold dagger, it became a sword on fire and he let himself be touched licked by the flames. Flame-looking hair, flame-colored eyes, flame-kissed skin and lips, those were his favorites. Girls who looked like a forest fire. Boys with a constellation of red supernovas on their skin. He could not look away. There were exceptions, of course – many exceptions, so much they became the norm sometimes. And then, there was Theo, all dark curls and bones and sharp angles, who made him hungrier than anything (anyone) else. But he could not have Theo. He could not let his hunger take him. He wouldn't allow it. He was the master of his hunger and he knew when to feed it something else, even if it burnt his tongue.
Today, though, hunger made him wander once again. Following his instinct rather than a map, he found himself in a maze of clean little streets, nothing like the dark alleys and paths he used to walk – run, rather - all the time. Flowers exhaling their last notes, trees slowly taking the colors of fall, nannies pushing strollers, kids playing ball, everything he neved had was displaying in front of him like a painting. He felt another kind of hunger, the one he didn't allow himself to feel at all and he quickly took a sharp turn, only to arrive on a larger street with stores and restaurants. He thought about Theo, what he would like him to bring back at the house ; Rhiannon popped up in his mind too and he started looking around, feeling the heavy emptiness of his pockets as he walked along and sometimes stopped to take a closer look. Yeah, he could steal something. It wouldn't be his first nor his last time. But he didn't feel like it : in this new world he was trying to find a purpose that wasn't a pariah's. For Theo he was trying to be good. To be somewhat… inspiring, or better, or whatever. Hunger made that difficult. It made everything difficult, like standing in front of this bakery. A delicious smell made his tongue heavy and his stomach growl again. Behind the polished glass he could see people getting coffee and buying snacks. His mouth watered and just for a quick moment, he felt tempted to go inside and work his magic on the counter. He thought about Theo, how happy his better half would be if he came back with his arms full of baked goods. But he also though about the example he would set and he backed out of the idea almost instantly. Fionn turned around, ready to go wander miserably elsewhere when he felt – more than he saw – the presence of an otherwordly being on the sidewalk. His skin crawled, his stomach tightened and he laid eyes on a beautiful creature – the tall dark stranger that people warned young people about. She was there, alone, standing, maybe waiting. He always liked how girls waited, gracefully, smiling at their phones, taking pictures, reading books. He could not understand how boys would disturb such an heavenly way to waste time. He could look for hours, and he would have done so with the mysterious woman if his stomach hadn't tortured him. He swallowed hard and decided to come closer. Tentatively, like a shy snake, he materialized himself besides her and waived his hand in front of her. « Y'all got a dollar ? » he asked. No smile, no please, just the depth of his dark eyes and the hope the long-haired goddess would like his ragged looks.


i know it's some hippie shit, but i say it loud, with the three of us, i love it.
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we're just strangers with the same damn hunger.
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